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  1. Shoot: DOMO Elektro, Recommended by Steffi

    24 May 2019

    Lifestyle portret shoots, dat is mijn ding wel! Onlangs mocht ik deze shoot doen voor DOMO Elektro, gekend van de huishoudelektro. Op de foto’s herken je Steffi Vertriest, Njam TV-kok en healthy foodie. DOMO Elektro komt met een lijn ‘Recommended by Steffi’ en daar mocht ik de beelden voor verzorgen.…

  2. Lifestyle photography for njam! TV

    23 Apr 2018

    After great reception and several reprints of njam! TV’s chef Steffi Vertriest her first cookbook ‘De Gezonde Goesting’, which translates kind of like ‘The Healthy Appetite’, it was time to shoot a follow-up The first edition of De Gezonde Goesting Just like that first edition (picture above), I was…

  3. 🌏 World Earth Day

    22 Apr 2018

    It’s World Earth Day. Wonderful Earth Day. It’s One Earth day. Just one…  Please, respect it a little more than you did yesterday, each day. ❤️​🌏​

  4. Living with nomads in Mongolia

    21 Apr 2018

    Meet Shapiza, the lady of the house. Behind her, you see the wooden cabin we stayed in. That’s her “playground” for most of the day The nomadic women are constantly busy with cooking and cleaning. And I mean constantly. That’s their life basically. They milk the cows, prepare all the…

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