About me

This is not your classical ‘love-story’. I didn’t fall in love with photography as a young boy. In fact, I didn’t hold a camera until I was in my mid-twenties (which was, obviously, not that many moons ago - ahum) — when I got one shoved in my hands on a hiking trip with friends in Norway. 

From the moment I did, however, it felt… instinctive. To this day, my comrades are still impressed by how I, a wee amateur photographer at the time, enthusiastically found the right angles to shoot them and the backdrop. 

I’m talking: laying down, doing backbends to find the perfect angle,… All of the mumbo jumbo (I might be slightly exaggerating here, but I’ll pretend you won’t notice).

The rest is… well, what you see here, on this website. I took my love for nature, travel, adventure and the outdoors, and merged them with my craft of photography — et voila

I’m Kurt. A self-taught Belgian freelance photographer and filmmaker with expertise in lifestyle & portraits, interior/architecture, corporate assignments and landscape photography — all bound by a common, timeless style and thoughtful approach. 

What that actually means is this: balance and care. Both in my approach to work, as the actual work itself. Balance in lines and compositions, light and shadow. Care: ditto. You might even say borderline meticulous, both in details and in post-processing.

Oh, and I’m also a Class 1 certified drone pilot.

In case you didn’t caught it yet — I really love being in nature. In fact, there’s few things I love more than being outdoors. I’d say peace. Quietness. Animals. Oh, and plants. I’m vegan. Makes sense, huh?

Speaking of, I find trees and forests one of our most valuable treasures on planet Earth. But did you notice we’re losing them? That’s why I couldn’t imagine a better organisation to lend my voice to than Eden Reforestation Projects (see below). Per one image that I sell digitally, one tree gets planted. Which means that if you hire me, you not only prove to have exceptional taste, but you’re also contributing to a greener and healthier planet :-)

Get in touch with me and let's see how my expertise can help to depict your vision. I'm available to travel worldwide.



+32 486 969 077

Dilsen-Stokkem, Limburg, Belgium

I shoot to plant trees.

As a partner of Eden Reforestation Projects I let them plant one tree per image that I sell digitally. I find trees and forests one of our most valuable treasures on planet Earth. But did you notice we're losing them? That's why I started this partnership. Eden Reforestation Projects plants trees in countries like Haïti, Madagascar, Nepal and Indonesia. They work with local people to fight poverty and deforestation at the same time. I'm very proud to be a partner and contribute to this. 

Check their website if you want to see the amazing work they do.

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