Lifestyle photography for njam! TV

After great reception and several reprints of njam! TV’s chef Steffi Vertriest her first cookbook ‘De Gezonde Goesting’, which translates kind of like ‘The Healthy Appetite’, it was time to shoot a follow-up.

The first edition of De Gezonde Goesting

Just like that first edition (picture above), I was again involved as Steffi’s lifestyle photographer. For the recipes they hired a dedicated food photographer. 

The photoshoot got spread over two days. The first day we did all the images indoors in a spacious loft in Antwerp and the second shooting day we drove around Antwerp looking for fitting locations like fresh markets, a fruit farm, cosy alleys, etc. These shooting days are fun I can tell you!

The second: Méér Gezonde Goesting

Below are a few images that made the final cut. Get your copy of the cookbook at

Bon appetite!

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