Living with nomads in Mongolia

Meet Shapiza, the lady of the house. Behind her, you see the wooden cabin we stayed in. That’s her “playground” for most of the day.

The nomadic women are constantly busy with cooking and cleaning. And I mean constantly. That’s their life basically. They milk the cows, prepare all the dairy products, make their traditional bread, prepare all the dishes and tea for everyone, collect the cow and goat droppings for fuelling the stove, keep the cabin (sort of) clean, raise the kids, etc. All day, every day. You have to admire that. 

Funny fact: When I arrived at the family, I had three boxes of vegetables and fruits with me, bought in the last village we drove through. Needless to say, I had to explain my vegan choice, as they couldn’t imagine not eating animal products - it’s basically the only thing they have. So I had to prepare some dishes first to show how I make them. After that, Shapiza and the youngest son were happy to cook my meals for the rest of my stay. Loved that! 

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